AUTHOR: John Gillespie TITLE: Give me a Story.... DATE: 11/24/2004 09:08:00 PM ----- BODY:
I know it's been a while since i last posted, and this is still not much of a post, but i just wanted to share an awesome poem which i stumbled across on sic blog. Check out this poem it's called "Give Me a Story"....
Give Me A Story you want a statement to sum up the mission of God
go aheadfind your statement
make one up to help you feel secure inside your safety cage of words
belted in by cords of cliches
locked up by logos lifted from sunday school memories but give me a story
give my friends a story so that they are not sentenced to meaningless lives dont give me a story that I can easily believe in
give me a script that I struggle to understand
that stretches my faith,
that demands life insurance
give me a story that will rip me from my career and pummel me into a quest beyond my capabilities
i need something worth dying for
i have most of my life left to give
but I need a story worthy of my investment give me a story that I can touch and smell
a story with real people
a story with a face.
a story with my face
my role
my place
my script
because I am preselected to be a player in this story
that rolls its plot out in front of me
in more directions than I can predict
in more colors than I can comprehend
a story that woos out my potential and calls me out of myself to be who I really am give me A story
give me THE story
give me MY story tell me that God is bigger than you
BIGGER than your statements of ink
BIGGER than your powerpoint animationsthan your projections of numbers
that make you impressed
but that make God stoop give me a story that makes me gloriously a l i v e
to the purpose of God
makes me run without breath
to keep up with His spirit
and at the same time inviting me to dance slowly
erotically with God in an endless
n t
of warm passion
nesting me in peace and safety tell me the story in new words
so that I dont trip over lame phrases of impotence
so that my mind does not vanillarize over trivial expressions
used mindlessly by millions who use words to steal mystery from a transcendent God
who speaks freshly
with new mercies every morning
that awaken me from sleep mode
that spark in me new thoughts
dreams of impossible feats
daring adventures
miracles of the Almighty
performed by the hands and prayers of backstreet backstage people in goodwill rags you want a statement? go ahead
i dare ya
double-dare ya
to box up The Omnipotent
to catch the Spirit of God
to nail the Son on a cross-word puzzle go ahead and try
but I wont hold my breath
and you wont hold the mission of God on a bumper sticker
Andrew Jones
Colorado Springs
December 2001
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